Seattle Maker Society

Meet people involved in maker spaces, coworking spaces, and hacker enclaves all over Seattle.

If you're new to the whole phenomenon, discover what it's about and what it means for society and for you. Socialize with independent and amazing people doing awe-inspiring things. Organizers, members, guests, and others who run and inhabit the maker scene around Seattle will be there talking about the profound and sublime things happening in the growing do-ocracy.

The Seattle Maker Society's inaugural event is at Jigsaw Renaissance in the International District's INScape Arts building. The format is social, the crowd is loud, and special celebrity guests are scheduled to make an appearance.

Representatives from membership-based maker organizations will be on hand to promote their spaces and recruit new members.

June 6th, 2014

815 Seattle Blvd. S in Seattle
Starts at 7pm and goes on and on and on. Where to park for this thing

The management of this site cannot take responsibility for epileptic seizures or sudden urges to march in a pride parade.

Holden Kingswood Webring
Holden Kingswood Webring
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